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Immersed in Dari

Having the experience to learn Dari in Dari was very eye opening.

It allowed me to have a first hand opportunity in learning a completely new language, including a new alphabet. It also helped me understand what it is like for an English language learner in the US who is going through the experience of learning the English language.

It was definitely difficult, but the opportunity was invaluable in understanding what it is like to learn a completely new language.

In high school, I took French and Spanish courses, but they were taught in English and at a fairly slow pace. There was also not a lot riding on if I completed the language with perfect accuracy -- it was more to just pass the class and move on.

With the English language learner’s, the ability to speak English fluently is an invaluable quality that will help them prosper and be fully successful in this English speaking country.

Overall, I had a really great time at BRL learning Dari and helping the English language learners.

After spending time at BRL, I would encourage everyone to go out of their comfort zone and experience learning a completely new language.

For more information on Dari see UCLA Materials Language Project.

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