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The Marlup Exercise

A simple reading exercise with questions and answers, but with a twist. This is the Marlup.
The Marlup exercise was created by Dr. Kenneth Goodman to demonstrate the difference in reading and reading comprehension.
(Reference: Burke, Carolyn. "The Language Process: Systems or Systematic?" in Hodges and Rudorf Language and Learning to Read. Houghton Mifflin, 1973, pp. 29-31)

A marlup was poving his kump. Parmily a narg horped some whev in his kump. “Why did vump horp whev in my frinkle kump?” the marlup jufd the narg. “Er’m muvvily trungy,” the narg grupped. “Er heshed vump norpled whev in your kump. Do vump pove your kump frinkle?”

  1. What did the narg horp in the marlup’s kump?

  2. What did the marlup juf the narg?

  3. Was the narg trungy?

  4. Give the meaning of the following words: poving, kump, horp and frinkle

  5. Do you think poving should be encouraged?



"Why did vump horp whev in my frinkle kump?"

Er'm muvvily trungy

The marlup poves your kump frinkle)

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