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Blue Ridge Literacy offers training for our volunteers throughout the year. We offer a hybrid training, which incorporates digital training models and face-to-face interaction with BRL's Program Director, as well as a face-to-face training at our offices during the weekend. Depending on your schedule, you can choose the training option that works for you!

Teacher Training
Training Classroom June 18 (3).JPG

Volunteer Teachers work with small- to medium-sized classes of ESOL learners at a variety of locations, including BRL, local schools, and/or churches for two hours per week.

Tutor Training

Volunteer Tutors work one-to-one with an adult literacy learner at any public location, including BRL, a public library, or a coffee shop for two hours per week.

Our trainings introduce volunteers to working with adults, teaching in a classroom environment, and working with ESOL learners of different literacy levels. Our mixed-methods approach to training will keep you engaged throughout the session, and you will leave BRL with several different strategies under your belt. 

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