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Join Our Board

If you are committed to nonprofits and are passionate about the work of Blue Ridge Literacy, we encourage you to apply to become a member of our Board of Directors.

The role of Blue Ridge Literacy's Board is to ensure that our mission -- to support the achievement of life goals by providing opportunities to strengthen literacy skills for adults --and the principles of BRL are carried out in a fiscally responsible and ethical manner.

Duties and Responsiblities

  • Uphold the mission of the organization.

  • Attend BRL Board meetings, scheduled every other month.

  • Oversee the general implementation of policies and actively engage in the oversight of the agency's budget.

  • Willingness to serve on committees.

  • Publicly advocate for BRL via your circle of influence to expand contacts and resources for the agency.

Board Selection Process

  • Send an email with 1. your resume, 2. a brief statement about why you are interested in joining BRL's board to

  • After reviewing your application, we will arrange a meeting with the Board President and the Executive Director to discuss your availability. 

  • The Board will vote to approve your membership at or before the next board meeting.

  • After signing our Board Agreement you will attend our next board meeting (scheduled every other month).


To be considered for a board position, please contact Ahoo Salem, Executive Director, at (540) 345-2271 or email her at  Please provide the following information:

  • Your name, email, phone, and any additional professional contact information

  • An explanation as to why you are interested in being on the BRL Board, including your relevant experience.

  • Any professional skills and expertise you have to help govern the organization.

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