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Happy Nowruz

...or is it Newruz? (Kurds) Or is it Nevruz?

However you choose to spell it or say it, many people around the world will be celebrating the spring equinox this week. The Persian New Year is celebrated much like other holidays; food and good tidings.

According to an article from NPR, seven is a lucky number within this tradition. Listed below are the seven lucky "S's" to represent keys symbols for Nowruz.

  1. Seeb (apple), representing beauty

  2. Seer (garlic), representing good health

  3. Serkeh (vinegar), representing patience

  4. Sonbol (hyacinth), representing spring

  5. Samanu (sweet pudding), representing fertility

  6. Sabzeh (sprouts), representing rebirth

  7. Sekeh (coins), representing prosperity

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