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Roanoke's Sisters

Did you know Roanoke City has seven sisters?

One in Brazil, one in Kenya, a sister in China, in Poland, in Russia, one in France and also a sister in South Korea.

Sister Cities International was formalized in the late '50's by President Eisenhower, but the concept of "town twinning" is common throughout history. There are many advantages of partnerships; economical, social, education, medical, art, music or spiritual relationships -- bonding two groups.

So, I did some research about our local representation for Sister Cities International in the City of Roanoke.

When I read the latest December 2016 newsletter, I saw stories of our local citizens actively engaged worldwide.


Blue Ridge Literacy too has assisted learners from each of these countries. Currently, we have learners from Kenya and South Korea.

For Roanokers, we have many opportunities to see this program in action:

5) Did you know local art is displayed to celebrate each city? Ever walked through Century Plaza?

4) A Roanoke colleague mentioned student exchanges from France hosted by her family members.

3) Have you ever driven by the Wonju sign near Towers Shopping Center?

2) Did you know VT Medical School & Carilion host many medical professionals from our Sister Cities? Wonju Medical School Students will be visiting in February.

1) Polka may be coming to town in 2017.

*) Local Colors -- check it out this year.

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