Happy Holidays!

December 21, 2017

 The best part about working with Blue Ridge Literacy is getting to know so many people from many different cultures. This time of year we spend a lot of time talking about the holidays we celebrate and getting to hear about many different types of celebrations. 


The learners wrote about their favorite parts of the season and their holiday plans so we could share with you how fellow Roanokers will spend the holiday season. We hope seeing their happiness brings you some too!


"My favorite part of December is Christmas because my family is together and we enjoy food together." -Shugla

"My favorite part of Christmas is celebrating Jesus because God gave us independent lives. That is the grace for me and family on the holidays" -Johari


"This year on New Years I am going to D.C. to visit my sister and cousin for a family house party. We will eat a meal together and wait for midnight and watch TV. My children play games or talk to each other. I will take pictures with my family and give gifts." -Ashna


"My favorite holiday is Christmas. We celebrate Christmas with my husband and kids. I want to go outside and enjoy, eat and drink. I want to bring gifts for my children and I like to wear red and green for the night. I respect this day because this day is the birthday of Jesus and I think this is a special day. I like it so much!"


"My favorite part of December is Christmas because I see my family, my children. The children get to play and we eat special food." -Kamila


"I like Christmas because I enjoy spending time with my children." -Khadija


"My favorite celebration is New Years, I like it. My country got our independence on New Years in 1958. We celebrate by gathering with family and friends to say bye to the old year and to welcome the new year coming full of happiness and good celebration. This is my first year in the new country and I am far away from my family and friends in my country. But I want to celebrate like people in my new country. Although I am not with all my family but I am happy." -Sadia

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